- becoming an engineer


WebDev course starting soon, I'm excited! Should look in to Jekyll and GitHub Actions for a static site generator with all the bells and whistles.


Any feedback and ideas are more than welcome. Notes and some snippets are going to be put up here, other than that, go ahead please.


How about a simple darkmode tool that I picked up from Brad Taunt. No need for it here though, right?

<meta name="color-scheme" content="dark light">

To be used in <head> on your page.


New home at GitHub Pages. Work days, even weeks roll past so fast. School too is keeping me busy, got some catching up to do for the summer. Fun times to be had. And since we're here, I have to start building this page up to bar, see you soon!


Brand spanking new landing page.
Using the layout that was used in my early work in the 90's... A classic look.
Updates will be slow, but I'll get there.